To remain or stay on in a place longer than usual or expected as if from a reluctance to leave.

“The easy way to make your perfume last longer – save money and time.”

“Everyone needs primer for the holidays.”

“This spray-on primer promises to make your perfume last longer. Where has this been all of our Chanel loving years?”

Our story

Scentinvent™ Technologies evolved from a 15-year friendship and a desire to create a new voice and vision for the fragrance and beauty category. After interviewing hundreds of fragrance fans from around the world, award-winning entrepreneurs and executives, Abby Wallach and Caroline Fabrigas set out to invent a solution to help fragrance last longer.


Two years later, 15 tries, clinical testing and focus groups, Linger Fragrance Primer launched exclusively on HSN and HSN.com to a sell out success reaching over 96 million viewers.


After a successful launch and taking in customer feedback, the product has pivoted to a small fine mist sprayer that is easier to travel with and is at a more accessible price point for all to use and enjoy.


The Fashion Group International recently honored Abby and Caroline at the ”Rising Star” awards ceremony as finalists in the beauty entrepreneur category for 2019!



LINGER® has been clinically tested to extend fragrance wear.


  • 70% stated their fragrance lasted longer
  • 66% stated their fragrance lasted 3 to 5 times longer  (Independent clinical study)



Sniffapalooza, an industry expert group of fragrance fans evaluated and tested the product.


  • 83% stated their fragrance lasted longer
  • 83% stated they would wear everyday


(Independent clinical study)


Sonia, YouTube Beauty Blogger and Stylist

Lauren, Shop Girl for Define Me Fragrances

Deanne, Executive Digital Editor Instyle